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Drill you use?

Started by ranger2408, May 15, 2008, 09:28:40 pm

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So I was at Lowe's and couldn't pass up a good price...so I got a Dewalt DC720 18v cordless drill. It cost 232 after tax and has a rebate for a 50 dollar gift card :D
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i saw that but its not a hammerdrill. how many batteries ?


also goto www.livetakesvisa.com and you can get coupons for lowes 10 off a 25 dollar purchase. you have to keep making different email addresses. i rebuilt my basement and used like 100 of them. you get 25 dollars worth of stuff for 15. like today i got:

2 ripped bags of garden soil 7.00 regulary 10 each
bag grass seed                  6.00
case of gatorade               10.00
case of springwater             4.00

                                  -   10.00
                                        17 bucks   for a whole cart full of shit. i love that place. haha


I've used and abused that coupon for close to 2 months now :)

In the long run though... Instead of saving $10 per $25, it has made me pay alot of $15s i wouldn't have in the first place!!!!!


and that's the point of coupons.  all they do is make you spend more in the long run. cause we all go, shit if i grab $3 more of shit i don't quite need for this project i can save another $10. 
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It comes with 2 batteries, a charger, and a case. I have used it a bunch of times already.
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Quote from: jeffmoss26 on July 06, 2008, 09:00:26 pm
It comes with 2 batteries, a charger, and a case. I have used it a bunch of times already.

google dewalt drill battery I found this


$48 seems a tad more affordable, but I have never used them and if time is an issue, then no telling,l ebay probably best bet that or a  pawn shop local to you if time is the issue.
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Well the old drill is going back to my uncle...he doesn't mind only having one battery.
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great place for just tools, batteries picked up a great dewalt 18v, RA drill for like $90


Company issued me a 14.4 Dewault... It works I guess. But doing 875 or 750 cable can be a bear, So I bring my 18v Ryobi to work (I also carry my 18v Ryobi saw to works great for roots and trees)


Company issued 18v Dewalt w/ extra battery... the saw idea is awesome, I'm picking up a Dewalt sawz-all for tree trims and roots

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milwaukee 19volt er somethin in that neighborhood company issued..


Ive got this coming in the mail. Im planning on finishing the basement this winter and am stocking up on crap Ill need. Id definately give this a crack at a few mortor holes without blinking.


I have that tool, the non-impact one, its solid and has lasted years, battery life is probably the only negative.


lol..used to use a company issued 18 v dewalt hammer drill till it came up missing :pirate: ...now i use my old reliable b&d firestorm 14v from home