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Started by travis2144, October 24, 2008, 07:33:24 pm

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anyone own or used one of these, how does it work, worth the cash?


I got to play with one at the SCTE show last year.  From what I saw, it totally kicks ass!

You drill your hole into the cavity, strip your center conductor and tie it to a rather large steel bullet that you feed into the cavity.  Then just put the roller against the wall, you'll feel the bullet hit against it, then just roll it to your exit hole and it's there.  They had a small virtual wall set up at the show with no insulation, and it moved as fast as you can pull it.  And the bullet is nice and rounded so it runs right through insulation and around wiring.
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Sorry, I meant magnepull, not magnafish.  With magnafish, you need to be careful or you'll scratch and mark the hell out of the wall.  Be sure to keep a piece of paper between the magnet and the wall and you should be alright.  With magnepull, you have a roller that is much less likely to mark the wall up and runs much smoother.
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This is like a think-tank of nothing.


I had to goggle this to see what you where talking about. It looks to be the cat's meow!
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    In my opinion i wouldnt spend the money on it. below is what i have used forever and there is just so much more you can do with this magnet than you could do with the magnafish. i bought it at some tool store for like 8 bucks. and walmart sells packs of chain for like 5 dollars for 20 ft. i would cut that in 1/2 and make 2 - 10 footers.
   It seems to me that the only ones you would be able to use the magnafish on are the real easy ones anyway, an interior hollow wall with an attic up above. something like a first floor wallfish to a basement underneath how would you use it. in a kitchen with cabinets and your putting an outlet right above the countertop in line with the other ones how would you use that. fishing down return air vents, how would you use it. those 3 scenarios are about 75% of what i did.
    I do like the magnetics for fishing wires. Once you have done a few hundred of them you will look at running wires a whole new way. I basically started using it when i had this dumbass working with me, and id be in the attic and hed be in the room and wed be pulling the fishsticks back and forth and hed hook it then lose it and so on. we damn near fist fought a few times over it. with a chain and a magnet it is pain less, there is no screwing up unless you are in the wrong cavity all together. even then you drill another hole in the attic and move over. If you are by yourself its even better. you just wrap the stinger thru the chain and put the whole chain in your hole and go downstairs and stick the magnet in the whole catch the chain, and pull it out till have the cable. honestly it cant get any easier.
    ones like kitchens are harder. if its tile i use a diamond bit thats made for tile and it cuts a perfect 1 inch hole in the tile. i would do this dead center of a joint that way i would also drill 2 small holes in the same joint for the wallplate screws. id use a 3/16 masonary bit for that, and then 2 plastic anchors, the size anchors that would be right for the screws that come with the wallplate. Then you have to figure where your at, to drill up from the basement. Id talk them into an interior wall if possible. For instance if it was an interior wall and say the dining room was on the other side, you measure from the exterior wall to your hole, then go in dining room and measure from exterior wall to that spot. pull back the carpet an drill a small hole in the floor right against the baseboard, and stick a 6 inch stinger thru that. then you go down to basement find your stinger and move back like 1 1/2 inches and drill up with a 3/4 inch spade bit. you will be drilling up right in center of the wall. then go upstairs and drop chain in hole. if you measured right 50 % of the time when you went back downstairs your chain is hanging there out of the hole already. if not stick your magnet in and jiggle it around a little bit and you feel it hit. pull it out, stick your sticker thru the chain , go back up and pull it out. the trick to doing any kind of wallfishing is to find spots where you can get some kinda guide so you know exactly where your at. you never want to drill a 3/4 inch hole up thru someones floor.
     ive been in tight spots before where i had to throw the chain, then tape that magnet onto a layup stick and reach back and get it. like ductwork. technically your not suppose to run in feeds, just returns. but if its some shitty townhouse and they dont want to pay alot, and your choice is throwing up a ladder and wrapping the house outside in the freezing ass cold or rain, take a guess what i did? returns are easy once youve done a few. alot of townhoses the center wall seperating the 2 rooms upstairs goes all the way down to the basement.
    also when doing a floor with hardwood you just cant drill a bigass hole in the floor as a guide. what i would do is i had these tiny, tiny drill bits as big as a stinger. you find a joint in the hardwood floor and drill your guide hole in the joint, id do that fast and not let customer see me. stick a stinger thru that and id stick my toolbag over it while i went downstairs. when i was done id use these hole fillers from home depot they are like wooden colered crayons. you could not even see it when i was done.


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I didn't do alot of CUSTOM wallfishing but plenty in my day.  I took a peice of coax strip it back about 6 inches and stick it straight thru the cieling sheetrock go in the attack find my stinger, drill down drop the cable/fishstick cut my hole snatch it out.


that's beautiful.  and to think i was thinking about buying some of those cut to length thin bits to do basically the same thing.

btw, sharpen a piece of metal coat hanger and you can go thru floors...
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I have a magnapull. They are great. Only problem is with old plaster walls because the magnet will hit on nails the entire way down. I always just cut the end of a locate flag at an angle and pushed it thru the ceiling to locate where I am at.