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anyone have SCTE training prep manuals

Started by Framed84, December 03, 2008, 08:19:39 am

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I work for suddenlinkstink and I need to take my SCTE exam to get promoted I was wondering if anyone has a way I can get ahold of the training material so that I can better prepare for this test.  Seeing as how they haven't provided me any....


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I dont have any material to send but I am curious which certification your going for?
I have the BPS and BDS Cert's..
The BPS was pretty easy however I have taken a bunch of NCTI course before I started then SCTE certs. I would say there was a lot of common sense saftey questions and cable routing question for the BPS. The BDS was more or less passable if you had taken the Service Technician and System Technician NCTI course.
Of course the SCTE site gives you an overview of what going to be on the tests.....
Heres the link for the BPS Cert ......

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Anyone have any current info on these?  i was thinking of doing one in the near future.

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Any one have  a copy of "Foundations for Delivering Quality Broadband Services - Student Manual" or "Tap to Home - Student Manual"???

I'd like to get the first SCTE cert to help moving forward.



Not sure if this is what you want.

Holy shit $500 for a manual, fuck that.
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