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Bucket Boss Review in progress

Started by CableTool, December 19, 2008, 10:16:50 am

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I thought a decent gift for my guys for Christmas would be a Bucket Boss system.
In our system we are issued Tackle Boxes for fittings, wallplates, groundblocks, etc. If you are at an install or need to re-run an AO generally you run back to your van, grab your drill, some groundwire, a housebox, your tacklebox and then of course your toolbelt. I thought a BucketBoss would be a great time saver for the guys.

I purchased 3. Two for my top performers and one for the BEST PERFORMER EVER. (me)

I will be setting up the FatBack for myself. It was 25.00. -> LINK
I chose to spend the extra for myself as I know I will use it. The FatBack by Bucket Boss has a pull over weather cover, a hard/softsided compartment for safety glasses and a drill holster to name a few options.

The other two will be given to my guys.
BucketBoss 35 pocket. $11.99 -> LINK
MasterForce 62 pocket. $9.99 ( on sale at Menards from 14.99)


Put them together. Bought the buckets at Home Depot. $5.00, cushioned handles.


On looks alone I vote 1 and 3. 2 looks like El Cheapo.

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Thats funny because #2 is why I started looking into a Bucket System. Its the ORIGINAL BUCKET BOSS!! But there are 24 35 44 and 56 pocket ones.
But Number 1 is the BucketBoss Extreme Gear.

56 pocket below-


hmm, ive seen the cheaper ones of these before and never paid them much mind. The one you got for yourself makes me actually consider it a viable alternative.  Thanks for the link and pics ;)
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Yeah, I can't wait to set it up. The guys liked them this morning. A few were asking where they can get them.
The fatback is pretty tight. Very durable and well thought out.


For us who's tools are lost in desk drawers, here is a solution that turns vendor shwag to useful accessories.

Take one vendor shwag coffee cup:

Add "The Mug Boss"

Add desk crap:

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I never liked carrying a bucket boss...but I do have the mug one on my desk!
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 :rolf  that... is.... frikkin'.... AWESUMMMMM!!!   :rolf
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Agreed! Didn't know they were around!

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