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Started by RokitArmor, November 12, 2010, 09:19:22 pm

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Does YT do bandwidth throttling?  I had a TC for slow speeds today.  Guy just got back from Iraq after 2 years.  YT used to load the whole video super fast, now it loads 30 seconds fast, then slows down and keeps pace with playback.  This is annoying if you want to skip right away to 2 mins or so in. Same thing happens here at my house and I don't htink it's our HE/gateway.


There were a load of threads on the Comcast Forum on BBR. I think YT does throttle, or that was the determination.


its youtube.....they really need to expand out their farms.....


yeah i noticed a change too , i did some research and if you right click on the bar and select stop download its supposed to stream only but its the same i think if not worse