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Started by TKTowman, September 26, 2017, 11:47:34 pm

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This place has got a serious problem with crickets!!! Anyone out there to chime in & make some noise?!?!    :Chris  
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I check the site fairly often, but like you I am no longer in the cable industry.

The only cable related things I see today are Xfinity, Spectrum, and Google Fiber vans.
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Quote from: cableguy66Welcome.  Most of us are just alcoholics with a cable problem, but I am sure you'll learn a lot here.   :pint:  ;D


I thought this place died, but got a birthday e-mail and played a bit to find the forums still working, main site down so you have to use cabletechs.org/forums [yes I remembered that].

Now someone fix fallout76 :(
Cable dictionary
Masochism - Setting DSLR as your home page.
Sadism - Setting other cable tech's homepage as DSLR.