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[search] Ultimate Installer Wrench

Started by Njal Storm, April 27, 2007, 07:20:19 am

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Right on.
Its also very thick. It feels great in the hand. The ultimate installer wrench to me is the same set up but with ratchet heads. I dont think it exists.. but if it did I would buy 100.


Got mine today. They feel nice and heavy duty. Plus, as a bonus, there was no odd smelling crumbly yellow stuff on it.
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They have like.. yellow crumbely crap on em? And smell odd.
In any event, tonight Ill clean em up and give one a whirl...



what the hell, i buy 12 at a time, 3 times, and he waits 15 days to put them in the mail and you get yours in like 4 days?!?!?


He must have ran out of the odd smelling crumbly yellow stuff and had to make more for your order.
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I've bought 12-15 from the guy. The best thing is the stamp MADE IN THE USA. But now we have the rg7&11 fittings with the 7/16 head.


'I like, how much?"


I just ordered 0...and relized the other day i paid 20 bucks for a small pocket sized flash light... :wtf:


all of our fittings are 7/16"

i do have a 7/16 - 1/2 wrench that I use for old Gilbert RG11's (1/2")
Let's just barrel it and get outta here.


try google using the term

open ended wrench "7/16 x 9/16"

Note the quotes and exact phrase is important.

apparently armstrong tools makes one, only company I see multiple times listed, looks like its about $11 too.


Maybe you can find one with the ratcheting design to boot though good luck.
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Trying to order some, still waiting to see if he'll ship to Canada

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'I like, how much?"


One tech I work with bought two pairs of robo-grip pliers...freakin' genius if you ask me



LOL  ,,funny, ive been using these for years,.....actually bought a box of 30 sold them all,.....then bought 20 more and sold those,.......now everyones been asking for them again,........these are pretty nice to have , when your on an 8port tap full of traps


VERY interesting! Good find.  :pint: for both.

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